Western coast of Ecuador holds an enormous land filled with leaves. Grown in the best climate where the salt water from the coast blends with the ever shining Sun. Centuries ago where shades were only that of trees, citizens of Ecuador decided to auchestrate such nature gift into a Hat. Each region with its own weaving style eventually formed what is now nown as PANAMA HAT.
An art born from the need to avoid the strong sun beneath the equator, is passed down to newer generation. Often seen on people that are famous, was originally used by citizens of Ecuador hundreds of years ago.
What started as a simple way to block the sun, now symbolizes countless figures. As fashion evolves classic fashion tend to get left behind. However thats not the case for Panama Hats, proven to remain strong in fashion industry over the past few decades. Minor changes never impact the impression for the hat, as BRISA WEAVE(Types of weave) creates the core context of Ecua-Andino culture.